You’ll laugh, You’ll cry

The Wizard of Ads

Turning Words into Magic And Dreamers into Millionaires

by Roy H. Williams
ISBN: 1885167296
Published May 1998 by Bard Press
224 pages
Award: 1998 Business Book of the Year

With the knowledge of a seasoned business consultant and the warmth and wit of a natural storyteller, the Wizard will help you to:
• multiply the effectiveness of your advertising
• understand the tug-of-war between intellect and emotion
• plant a mental trigger in the mind of your customer
• create totally new concepts from combinations of old ones
• see the opportunities around you
• avoid the danger of overchoice
• escape the need to advertise ‘Sale! Sale! Sale!’
• find the genius that hides within you
• receive the best others have to give
• focus your advertising, your business, and your life

Along the way, the Wizard will:
• share the power of encouragement
• talk to you about your Ruby Red Slippers
• make you understand how lucky you are
• show you how to avoid the mistakes that others have already made
• convince you of the need to rest

The Wizard of Ads

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Secret Formulas
of the Wizard of Ads

by Roy H. Williams
ISBN: 1885167393
Published July 1999 by Bard Press
240 pages
Awards: Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller
1999 Business Book of the Year

In 100 chapters full of wit, wisdom and uncommon good sense, Secret Formulas conjures up more of the Wizard’s provocative observations on advertising, business, and life that won The Wizard of Ads 1998 Business Book of the Year Award—only this time, the book has nuts, bolt, and even more bite!

The Wizard’s secret formulas will show you:

• How to find a champion to sell your ideas
• Why targeting your market can be a big mistake
• How to get customers to remember you
• Why bankers think backwards
• How to write miraculous ads
• Why the brain contains 100,000 new worlds
• Why being ‘out of style’ can be profitable
• How to hire wisely and fire compassionately
• How success can send you to the poor house
• How to remember what’s really important in life

Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads

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Magical Worlds
of the Wizard of Ads

Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion

by Roy H. Williams
ISBN: 1885167520
Published August 2001 by Bard Press
240 pages

Wizard of Ads books have become known for their unique blend of principle, practicality, and lore. Now here’s the third book in the series, with yet more sage guidance and dozens of fascinating true stories. Drawing on the teachings of his renowned Academy, the Wizard shares his unique perspectives on the roles neuroscience, chaos theory, poetry, and art play in the field of human persuasion. His practical guidance will show you:

• How the right and left hemispheres of the brain process information differently and how to sneak past the rational left brain to deliver messages to the more open right brain

• How to access long-term memory to powerfully brand your company, product, or service and avoid the one fatal error that can cost you mountains of advertising money

• How to achieve quick sales miracles with advertising hype and why you should avoid doing so at all costs

• How to create your own gravity well that gently draws customers in and gradually persuades them to commit.

Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads

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Accidental Magic


by Roy H. Williams, Janet Thomae, Chris Maddock & 106 Graduates of Wizard Academy
ISBN: 1885167547
Published October 2001 by Bard Press
240 pages

Accidental Magic is really two books in one. At first glance, it’s a photo essay book. Striking black-and-white snapshots by amateur shutterbugs are interpreted by 106 graduates of Wizard Academy. These wordsmiths multiply the power of the images with the tools they picked up in class. Take a leisurely stroll through the pages and be entranced by remarkable photos and words that will pull you into other, magical worlds.

The second book within this book is easy to overlook, being just a few short pages at the beginning. But oh, what pages! Some of the most potent techniques taught by Wizard Academy are covered in 16 short chapters. Eight from the wizard and eight from the amazing Christopher J. Maddock, one of the wizard’s partners. You’ll learn to use writing techniques such as Seussing (from the famed Dr. Seuss), Frosting (from Robert Frost), Franking (from the photographer Robert Frank), and Being Monet (from the French painter who gave us Impressionism.) Absorb and digest these few pages of instruction and your writing will gain greater impact. We promise. (Want just these Chapters?)

A most unusual business book – at once beautiful and practical.

Accidental Magic

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Thought Particles

Building Blocks of Perceptual Reality

by Roy H. Williams
ISBN: 1932226605
Published September 2002 by Wizard Academy Press
1 hour Audio Book

This limited-edition insight unveiling the Wizard’s theories on how thoughts are assembled in the mind from stored sensory associations.

Properly used, this knowledge will allow you to deepen perception and heighten interest in all your attempts at visual and auditory messaging. Useful neurological insights will also be detailed, such as the differences between Working Memory, Declarative Memory and Procedural Memory and how you can access each to achieve better communication.

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Thought Particles


How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future

by Roy H. Williams & Michael Drew
ISBN: 978-1593157067
Published October 2012 by Vanguard Press
272 pages

Politics, manners, humor, sexuality, wealth, even our definitions of success are periodically renegotiated based on the new values society chooses to use as a lens to judge what is acceptable.

Are these new values randomly chosen or is there a pattern?

Pendulum chronicles the stuttering history of western society; that endless back-and-forth swing between one excess and another, always reminded of what we left behind.

There is a pattern and it is 40 years: 2003 was a fulcrum year, as was 1963, its opposite.

Pendulum explains where we have been as a society, how we got here, and where we are headed. If you would benefit from a peek into the future, you would do well to read this book.

Pendulum Hardcover

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