Clarity is the new Creativity

“Yo quiero Taco Bell.” Everybody loved the Taco Bell pocket dog. – so cute and funny. But did those ads increase taco sales? Nope. It was no surprise to anyone that a dog liked cheap Mexican food. The ads may not have done anything for the bottom line, but they sure sold the heck out of Chihuahuas.

Times have changed. A clever ad that lacks a clear message will not work. Clever ads fail to persuade anybody of anything, except that “Company X sure makes some crazy ads!”

We are in the business of persuasion and measurable results. At Williams Marketing, our pay is directly tied to your success. We make money based upon the results we achieve.

You Make Money – We Make Money

Our ads are effective because our approach to ad writing is simple and powerful: We write to be heard. We write to be understood. We don’t write ads to win awards. We write ads to make you money.

Does your business need a boost?