Live Personalized Training Webcast

(Do you want to see the Wizard of Ads monthly?  Maybe Wizard of Ads LIVE is more what you are looking for. )

These private training sessions will be specific to your organization. No one will have access to your sessions but your own people. Each session’s curricula will be determined by you. Roy will prepare answers to whatever questions you send ahead. He can edit ads to show Before and After (Each ad will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes. The writer of the original ad copy will need to be on the line so Roy can ask specific questions about possible changes to the ad.)

Everyone in your organization will be available to log on to view these live training sessions if they choose.  The price of the training is not affected by the number of people who participate. The amount of time it will take Roy to prepare answers for your specific questions does not change according to the number of people viewing this training online.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is how quickly “the right thing to do” can change.  Each session will be timely, driven by the ever-changing needs and preferences of today’s customer.

“What I’m teaching today is very different in many ways to what I was teaching as recently as 3 years ago.” – Roy H. Williams

2 Hour Session = $10,000

12 – 2 Hour Sessions in 1 year = $100,000

24 – 2 Hour Sessions in 1 year = $190,000

Train your people. Your repeat and referral business will climb.

Would you prefer to see Roy speak in person at your upcoming event?