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In long-term relationships with clients we create a strategy, develop the message and negotiate the media, for this there is an upfront retainer which is a one-time fee for  ramping-up the account. There’s a lot of work to be done on a new account for about the first 45 -60 days; creating the message, a market visit, media negotiations, etc. After the market visit, there is on-going fee that is adjusted annually either up or down based upon annual sales, compared to the baseline.

Our upfront retainer and annual fees are not calculated on a percentage of your ad budget. We negotiate your budget; you sign the agreements with and pay the media outlets directly. That money does not flow through our hands and we do not take a percentage of the budget as a commission. Any agency commission is passed on to you.

Your growth is key to our long-term success.

We partner with independent business owners who happen to be good at what they do and are just in need of consulting and marketing their business more efficiently. Our future income potential is tied to the success of our clients. Once we set an annual fee, the only way we ever receive an increase is by growing your business. Together we will agree on a baseline number to measure growth. Twelve months from now we’ll compare the numbers. If we help grow your business grow 10% then we receive a 10% increase to our fee. If your gross income drops by 10% then we also take a 10% cut in pay.

Are you the top dog, bumping your head on the ceiling regarding growth potential? If so, then the annual fee will be higher because our potential for increases based on your growth is limited.

Are you a diamond in the rough with huge growth potential?

Then your fee would be much lower because our opportunity for increasing our monthly fee is much easier to accomplish.

Once we understand what your true goals are and the scope of work needed to accomplish them, then we can provide a real number for the upfront retainer and monthly fee.

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