Accidental Magic

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by Roy H. Williams with Chris Maddock and One Hundred and Six Graduates of Wizard Academy

Accidental Magic is really two books in one. At first glance, it’s a photo essay book. Striking black-and-white snapshots by amateur shutterbugs are interpreted by 106 graduates of Wizard Academy. These wordsmiths multiply the power of the images with the tools they picked up in class. Take a leisurely stroll through the pages and be entranced by remarkable photos and words that will pull you into other, magical worlds.

The second book within this book is easy to overlook, being just a few short pages at the beginning. But oh, what pages! Some of the most potent techniques taught by Wizard Academy are covered in 16 short chapters. Eight from the wizard and eight from the amazing Christopher J. Maddock, one of the wizard’s partners. You’ll learn to use writing techniques such as Seussing (from the famed Dr. Seuss), Frosting (from Robert Frost), Franking (from the photographer Robert Frank), and Being Monet (from the French painter who gave us Impressionism.) Absorb and digest these few pages of instruction and your writing will gain greater impact. We promise.

A most unusual business book – at once beautiful and practical.

What is Accidental Magic?

Inspired by the techniques taught at Wizard Academy, students have created literary snapshots to accompany images from the Academy’s amateur photography collection. The students, made up of business professionals from some of the world’s most successful corporations, are mastering techniques required to imprint vivid mental imagery.

So, the magic in the photographs is accidental but the magic in the words intentional. Which “snapshot” – the visual or the verbal – do you suppose will be more interesting?

100 % of all royalties will benefit the people of Guatemala

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