How to Sell B2B

Posted by on September 1, 2011

Thursday 1st, September 2011

People tend to think, business life and personal life.

In reality, we do not become a different creature on our way to work, and then revert back to our normal selves as we return home. We’re the same person 24 hours a day.

This was sharply brought to mind as I stood in front of the room at a recent event. A man in the front row asked the question, “How does this place (Wizard of Ads) relate to those of us who sell B2B?”

He wasn’t selling jewelry, ice cream, clothing or bicycles.

“You have to understand. I don’t sell to the general public. Not just anyone can pick up the phone and place a order….” He continued on for a bit, trying to explain to me how his business was so much different than all other businesses. And that his clients didn’t buy the way ordinary consumers buy.

Is the Business-to-Business customer really different?
Do the people who buy B2B not buy ice cream, clothing or bicycles?
Are they in fact the one-dimensional creatures that spring into existence at 8am and wink out of existence at 5pm?

Of course not!

They actually make decisions the same way the rest of us make decisions. Whether we are at work or home we will always use the same process to make decisions.

Business-to-Business is not different than any other advertising or selling.

There is no such thing as a B2B customer. Customers are people. Sell to the people the way they prefer to be sold to.

No matter what you’re selling.

Sean Taylor

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