When Should I Advertise?

Posted by on April 1, 2011

Friday 1st, April 2011

The Short answer, Always Be Advertising.

Don’t think for one second that going dark will help your business. Stop your message and you’ll lose top of mind awareness.

You need to be the company that the customer thinks of first and feels the best about. Standing in the shadows is no way of getting new customers. It feels good saving money on advertising, until the phone stops ringing and sales drop.

The Wizard of Ads believes in year-round advertising.
Win the customer before they’re in the market for what you sell.

People buy all the time, not just around the holidays. Would you rather own the airwaves 365 days a year or have to compete for the spotlight before Christmas and the 4th of July?

Know your products purchase cycle.

How often does the average person buy your product or service? Is it days or years?

If you own a restaurant, you can get away with shorter ads.
Good Food, Riviello’s Pizza! 4th and Colorado.

For restaurants, the Product Purchase Cycle is very short because everyone eats everyday. We’re always hungry and we’ll take a chance on a new place to eat. It’s a low commitment. If it’s great food, service, location and price, we’ll tell everyone we know. If it sucks, we’ll never go back and we tell all our friends, “DON’T GO THERE!”

It’s different in a category with a long purchase cycle.

How often do you buy a car? A new AC for your home? Only once every five, maybe ten years. Ads for long purchase cycle products and services require relentless frequency, because they must be remembered when the customers’ need finally arises.

How often are your ads running?

Sean Taylor

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