Baby Steps

Posted by on February 1, 2011

Tuesday 1st, February 2011

What is a gravity well?

Think of it like a spiral staircase. One you slowly step down until you reach the ultimate goal. There needs to be many ways to enter the top of the gravity well because there are always many ways to exit. It’s better in the long run to let a customer slowly step their way down. A nose-dive straight to the bottom and they won’t stick around very long.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

It’s the long term customer who is the most beneficial. Not just the because of the repeat sales but for the word of mouth promotion from firsthand experience.

We are always monitoring our gravity well. When attendees to our Business Owners Workshops are down all we have to look at is how many people are entering the top to know how many are making it to the bottom.

A customer that switches to you quickly, is likely to switch away just as quickly.

Do you have a gravity well for your business?

Can you guess what the ultimate goal of the Wizard of Ads’s Gravity Well is?

Sean Taylor

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