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Posted by on November 1, 2010

Monday 1st, November 2010

Standing at the urinal, I look down to do my business, only to see the “ACE Mart Restaurant Supply” logo looking back at me. Is there anywhere I can go to escape from advertising?

It’s all around you. Every little shirt logo you see, to the car you drive, each screaming out to you, “Look at me, I’m important, Buy me!”

It was 1977 when, marketing firm, Yankelovich wondered how many advertising impressions the average American was having. The result – 2,000 per day. Now over thirty years later they returned to their study with frightening results. It’s now 5,000 impressions per day. Wow.

That means if your prospective customer only hears your ad once per day you now have to compete with 4,999 other advertisers. It’s becoming more difficult to grab peoples attention.

What can you do to stand out in the ever growing crowd?

Increase the Impact Quotient of your ads.

Salience x Repetition = Impact Quotient

Are your ads Salient?
Do people care about was you’re saying?
What’s the offer you’re making?
Is it worth it to the customer?

There are ads with such high salience that you only needed to hear them once to take an action. How many times does your customer have to hear about you before they give you a call?

Of course if you have the money, you can run those mediocre ads over and over again and you may get the same results. But the longer you run any ad the less and less well it works. And besides, isn’t easier to spend a little more on a good ad then to spend a lot more on your media buy?

If you write better ads more people will hear about you.
And if more people hear about you, more people take an action.

Sean Taylor

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