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Posted by on October 28, 2013

Partners530The following press release will soon be received by the media in Midland, Texas.

Diamonds to be Cut in Midland

(MIDLAND, TEXAS – October 29, 2013)
[Name of Diamond Cutter] is coming to Midland to cut diamonds on Saturday, November 16th and the public is invited. “It’s one of the Christmas gifts we’re giving the city,” says Cathy Fleck of Occasions Fine Jewelry.

“Diamond crystals aren’t very impressive when they come out of the ground. But then, when they’re cut, they explode with light. It’s like watching the sun come up over the horizon.”

“We’re going to let our guests see and touch and hold a $1,500 natural diamond crystal before it is cut. Then, we’re going to have a drawing to see who gets that diamond for free. That person will then tell the diamond cutter the shape they want him to cut their diamond. And then everyone who’s there will see the birth of a new diamond. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The event will be displayed on an LCD screen for those who can’t get close enough to the diamond cutter.

“I asked myself, ‘How can a jeweler honor the birth of Christ?’ And then it hit me; the manger, the star, and Jesus coming into the world. The only thing a jeweler could do is let people watch the birth of a sparkling new diamond. And then that diamond must be given for free. Maybe you think the whole thing is silly, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Witness the birth of a diamond from XX – XX on Saturday, November 16.

Occasions Fine Jewelry was born in the back of a local drug store in Midland 20 years ago. Today, they stand on the corner of Loop 250 and Garfield with more than 4,000 square feet and are known throughout the world.

# # # #

That press release was written by one of the Wizards of Ads. It features frame shifting, dimensional shifting, and a trio of reality hooks.

Here’s the original press release that was given to us by our friend, Cathy Fleck, who asked, “Is there a better way to tell this story?” The writing is slightly better than average. But is better-than-average really good enough in today’s overcommunicated society?

# # # #


(MIDLAND, TEXAS – October 29, 2013)
Occasions Fine Jewelry is bringing a Diamond Cutting Show to Midland on Saturday, November 16th. As a part of the show, Occasions is flying in equipment and cutters to do a demonstration for the public. They will show all stages of the process on site. “We are very excited about this new event,” said owner Cathy Fleck. “Very rarely do you get to experience something like this in Midland. We will also be drawing for a diamond that the customer can pick their own shape and cut to create their own diamond.”

The event will discuss the different shapes and yields in person as well as display on an LCD screen. Customers will be able to walk through each step of the process.

The event will be held at Occasions in Midland (2308 W. Loop 250) from XX – XX on Saturday, November 16.

Occasions Fine Jewelry opened for business in the back of a local drug store in Midland over 20 years ago. Today, their Midland location on the corner of Loop 250 and Garfield is over 4,000 square feet.

Occasions offers a number of lines exclusively in the West Texas area including Lorenzo, Orbis, Soho, Diamond Cushette, Cyma, Natalie Kay and Paul Winston.


The cost of hosting the diamond-cutting event remains the same for Mike and Cathy Fleck regardless of which press release they send.

That, right there, that, is why you should learn to write.

The Wizards of Ads are writers of persuasion. “Find a better story and deliver it with greater impact.” Two of the wizards who can teach you how to do this for yourself – Chris Maddock and Jeff Sexton – hold a writer’s workshop once a year at Wizard Academy, a 501c3 educational organization in Austin, Texas, a school for the imaginative, the courageous and the ambitious.

According to the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, “Wizard” derives from “wise-ard, wise man.” Soon you’ll soon be hearing about three of the most famous who followed a star to Bethlehem.

I’m giving Mike and Cathy Fleck scholarships to the November 13 writing class at Wizard Academy; we teach big things fast; things not taught in college.

You can come, too, if you like. But brace yourself.

“Big things fast” arrive with impact.

Merry Christmas.

I really mean that.
But you still have to pay for the class 🙂

Roy H. Williams

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