Nobody’s Perfect, But We’re Working On It!

Posted by on August 21, 2013

A Monday Morning Memo from The Wizard of Ads

I had a prospective new client ask me a very insightful question last week.
“If I retained your firm and later became unhappy with you, what would be the probable reason?”

My answer was instant because Williams Marketing lost a client last September and I spent several days deeply absorbed in self analysis over it. “If you became unhappy with our firm,” I answered, “ The reason would probably revolve around our lack of attention to all the little details we expect your firm to handle internally.”

Oddly enough, the client who fired us last September called us back two months later to ask if we would consult his new agency! According to the client, the day he hired the new agency he told them, “There’s no way you will ever be able to buy media as well as Williams Marketing, and there’s no way your ad copy will ever be equal to what they provide.”

Like myself, you’re probably asking, “So what was the problem! Why was Williams Marketing discharged?” Our ex-client has a lot of integrity and is a very straight shooter, so we asked him and he told us plainly, “My new guy makes me feel important. He’s always here asking if there is anything he can do. He puts together complete marketing packages which include all the decorative items for our window displays and he even hosts sales training sometimes. He makes me feel like my business is extremely important to him. You never made me feel that way.”

I acknowledged these shortcomings to the prospective new client and he hired us anyway. Go figure.

Thank you for putting your trust in Williams Marketing. Even though we are occasionally too busy for our own good, each of us here is deeply committed to your success. And Thank You for those times you’ve called or faxed to tell us when something we’ve recommended is working particularly well. We often celebrate these successes with a staff-wide toast of fine wine in your honor. We take your success very seriously, and your business is important to us.

Roy H. Williams

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