More Secret Rituals

Posted by on August 21, 2013

A Monday Morning Sequel for the Friends of Williams Marketing

Last week, I told you about an exchange of secret rituals between the Garcia brothers and me one rainy day in Toronto. I ended the memo by asking you to send in your own secret rituals for me to share with the MMMemo family. Space doesn’t permit us to print all the fantastic rituals that were sent in, but I am very seriously considering the suggestion made by reader Lisa Carter, “How about a book of Secret Rituals sent in by your readers?” (Hmmm)

“I dance every morning to the Talking Heads and then eat a fortune cookie.” -Fyonna

“The timing of last week’s memo was perfect. The very next morning I filed for social security (I just turned 68). As I left the social security office, it was raining cats and dogs. I zipped up my jacket, and with no hat on my head, walked smilingly through the rain like an emperor. It felt great.” -Edward Greiff

“This is going to sound really silly, but prior to making a big presentation, I always make sure that I have a full bladder. This inner tension gives my delivery a visceral enthusiasm and urgency that clients really pick up on. If you use this, please don’t use my name: I want my clients thinking about my presentation, not when the dam might break…” -(name withheld)

“Several years ago, I began sending my parents flowers on MY birthday to thank them for all their help to me. I still send them gifts on their birthday but I think they like the flowers better.” -E. Marie Wilson

“I have a little secret ritual I do when I reach a creative block. I sit and I empty my head and simply say thank you to God. I figure that Anybody who could come up with a duckbilled platypus has got to be the most creative intelligence going. It never fails. Afterward, the ideas seem to pour from me like lemonade on a sticky summer’s day.”
-Greg Stevens

“I love to climb mountains. When I climb a new one, privacy and extreme temperature permitting, I take off all of my clothes. Strangely, doing so makes me feel more like me, which in turn allows me to not just take in the scenery, but join with it altogether. It slows time. It also feels fantastic!” – Chris Maddock

“Whenever we stop to visit my parents, at the end of the visit as we are leaving, I always tap my foot on the brake pedal to flash my brake lights as we pull away. I do it because I know how they hate to see us go and I also know that they will be standing there, in the living room picture window, watching until we are out of sight. I do it because I know they will be waiting for it and it will, in some small way, say to them, ‘We’ll be back!'” -Stephen R. Hunter

Send in more of your secret rituals! They may find their way into a new book.

Roy H. Williams

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