Better Jewelry, Better Jeweler?

Posted by on August 19, 2013

A Monday Morning Memo from The Wizard of Ads

If you had to choose between selling what you wanted to sell, or what the majority of people wanted to buy, which would you choose?

Are you sure? The truth is that you have already chosen, and your success in selling is determined largely by your answer to that question. Are you selling what you want to sell, or what the people want to buy?

Noted psychologist Richard Exley warns that we Americans are beginning to define ourselves by our career choices, and not just externally, but internally as well. Many of us define “who we are” by “what we do,”
and we suffer mentally and emotionally as a result.

Think about it. Does selling a better quality of product help you see yourself as a better quality person? When you sell an important customer, does it make you feel more important?

It’s certainly not my intention to preach at you, but this is a matter which relates very directly to advertising and marketing. I think you’ll see my point in a moment.

The sales volume of any retailer is determined solely by the retailer’s ability to serve the public in the manner the public best likes to be served.

The retailer often says to Advertising, “Here’s what I want to sell. Now you go make people want to buy it,” never stopping to consider how much easier it would be if he would simply sell what the public is telling him they want.

This whole issue came to light recently in a staff meeting as we were searching for the common characteristics of those clients who were experiencing rampant success when one of my associates said, “Have you ever noticed that the client who has an axe to grind never seems to do as well as the client who just wants everyone to be happy?”

A willingness to do what it takes to be successful doesn’t make you a dishonest person. What it does make you is sensitive to what the public wants, and much more willing to give it to them. Increased sales and higher volume are your just reward.

It’s the American Way.

Roy H. Williams

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