Four Kinds Of Curious

Posted by on June 25, 2012

If I could give you the gift of Curiosity, I would risk a great deal to do it.

I would buy it for you illegally, inject it into your arm with a needle and watch as Life flowed into your eyes. I would do this for you because your future would brighten and your days would be full of wonder.

Curiosity is addictive, it is true. But it is not unhealthy. Nor is it illegal. Unlike the drugs of Greed, Ambition, Anger and Fear, Curiosity makes a person happier, healthier and easier to love.

Curiosity mixed with initiative means your life will never lack purpose.
Curiosity without initiative is daydreaming.
Curiosity followed by action is adventure.

Curiosity is colored by the individual who swims in it:

The physically curious person hungers to go and touch and experience and do. They speak often of travel, tend to be impulsive and always in motion. We see physical curiosity in the Warrior archetype of psychologist Carl Jung.

The emotionally curious person seeks connection to others; soul-sharing through that mystical umbilical called empathy; words and gestures, painting, poetry, plays and songs linking heart to heart. Emotional curiosity is spiritual hunger. This is the Seeker/Healer/Lover archetype.

The intellectually curious person navigates an ocean of riddles that must be solved, connections that must be investigated, patterns that whisper of secret meaning. This is the Magi/Wise-ard (magician/wizard) who travels to impossible places without ever leaving the room.

The organizationally curious person discovers what is missing and then provides it. These are the leaders who serve us by creating structure, process and order. Organizational curiosity is demonstrated by the Administrator/King archetype.

Intuition is Curiosity’s beautiful daughter.

“Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.”
– John Naisbitt

The holy grail of every curious person is that sparkling moment called “discovery.”

Fan the spark of curiosity in your mind. Watch it blaze into a flame of passion that will illuminate you with inspiration.

Remember what David Ogilvy told us last week?
“Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process.” In other words, study hard and then play.

Play. The right hemisphere of your brain cannot do its job as long as Lefty is calling the shots. So tell your left-brain to take the night off.

And then go
And see for yourself
And you’ll know something you never knew.

Go. Follow the spark of curiosity. Let it be your guiding star.

The Journey is begun.

Roy H. Williams
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