I Own the World's Most Expensive Refrigerator

Posted by on October 4, 2006

It’s Not the Size, but the Unexpectedness that Counts

Intellectually, I understand that it’s the most overpriced refrigerator on earth. But emotionally I’m really kind of proud of it. I’m of two minds. My left brain says, “You’re an idiot.” But my right brain says, “Very few people have one of these.”

Sure, I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars invested in it. And if Google had told me up front what I was going to receive when I crossed the threshold of 1 Million Google AdWord Clicks, I would have been insulted by the sheer pettiness of it. But the fact that it arrived without warning was kind of cool.

Here’s my point: What might you be giving your best customers without hyping it, promising it, or telling them that it’s coming? I’m of two minds. And so are all your customers. Gifts of appreciation are never a bad idea. Don’t talk yourself out of giving them.

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