Will the Real Newsweek Please Stand Up?

Posted by on September 26, 2006

Why Didn’t We Get the Same Cover as Everyone Else?

Newsweek, October 2, 2006. While the rest of the world was staring at a cover story about how America isn’t doing so well in Iraq, you and I were greeted with a warm and fuzzy cover story about a female photographer called “My Life in Pictures.” I can only think of 3 reasons why this might have happened, and all 3 of them trouble me.

1: Newsweek was pandering to the world’s growing resentment of the U.S.

2: Newsweek wanted to avoid pressure or backlash from the American government.

3: Newsweek was worried that if they told us the same thing they were telling everyone else, we’d buy fewer magazines.

Since when did Americans need to be sheltered from a Free Press? Since when did we lose our ability to judge perspective and motive? Who is it, exactly, that believes you and I need to be sheltered from what everyone else is seeing? I’m not sure whether to be insulted, scared or sad…

Am I out of line to be concerned about this?

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