Free. The Beagle.

Posted by on April 22, 2002

Do you remember the birth of the beagle in June, 2001*?.

In much the same way that Fraser began as Diane’s boyfriend in a single episode of Cheers and then went on to become a regular and then to have a show of his own, the happy little beagle has emerged from a single Monday Morning Memo to become the star of her own book. My secret hope is that the beagle will find her way into classrooms where she can stimulate some meaningful discussions about what really matters in life. If you know a teacher, please make sure they get a copy. If you know a child, please read it to them. Everyone needs to know the beagle.

Because our dream for the beagle is not so much for her to make money as to make a difference in the lives of others, my publisher has a free gift for you. Well no, it’s not free, really, because you do have to give up four dollars for shipping and handling. And I suppose it’s not so much a ‘gift’ as a bribe.

Instead of printing the usual 100 advance reading copies of my newest book, Free the Beagle, and mailing them to book reviewers nationwide, Bard Press printed FIVE THOUSAND advance reading copies and is giving them away to fast-acting readers of today’s Monday Morning Memo. Ray Bard, my publisher, loves the beagle and says that he wants to start a worldwide buzz about her new book. Are you willing to buzz a little for the beagle? Will you show her around your town and be her special friend?

If you’d like to become an official Friend of the Beagle, raise your right hand and say, “I promise to read all 33 chapters and talk to my friends about Free the Beagle. I also promise to buy the bookstore book in early September so I can help the beagle sell enough copies to stay on the shelves of bookstores.”

Okay. That’s all there is to it. You’re now an official Friend of the Beagle. The only thing left to do is send 4 dollars for each book ordered to: Wizard Academy Press, 1760 FM 967, Buda, Texas, 78610. If you’d rather put it on a credit card, just fax your name, credit card number and expiration date to (512) 295-5701. And be sure to include your mailing address. Or, if you’d prefer to communicate by email, just send an email note to If you’d like to call and do it over the phone, dial (800) 425-4769. Outside the continental US, it’s (512) 295-5700.

When it arrives, your advance reading copy will contain the same 33-chapter story, 150 discussion questions and 6-sided debate as the ‘real’ book that will appear in bookstores on September 2. It even has the same full-color cover and James Thurber-style illustrations, (except that they’re printed on cheaper paper and without the fancy cover-flaps.) The only thing these advance reading copies don’t include is the David Nevland audio CD that will come with the bookstore books. The final bookstore package will be just $14.95 including the 19-character audio CD. That’s almost as good a deal as getting an advance reading copy for just the price of shipping and handling. So what are you waiting for?

Aroo! Aroo-Arooo!

Roy H. Williams

* “The Beagle in Your Brain” can be found in the June, 2001 archives at

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