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Posted by on February 25, 2002

One of the self-imposed guidelines regarding these Monday Morning Memos is that I try very hard never to use the words “I,” me,” or “my” when writing to you about your life and your career. This rule is broken no more than twice a year. Today will be one of those times.

I need your help.

With more than 200 MMMemos in various stages of completion, I’m never quite sure which one to finish and send you. Each week I ask myself, “What do people need to hear?” and I’m never really sure whether or not I’ve found the answer.

So today I’m asking you.

If I were to write a MMMemo for which you had already written the title, and that title began with the words “How To…,” what would be the rest of the title?

Seriously, I’d like you to finish writing that title for a future MMMemo. (The only rule is that your title must begin with the words “How To.”) FAX your suggestions to Wizard Academy Attn.Corrine Taylor at (512) 295-5701 or you can email her at Feel free to suggest as many titles as you’d like. If your suggested title sparks a future MMMemo, Princess Pennie will send you a gift to show you our appreciation. (Probably an inscribed book, or a 6-CD copy of one of our 3 audio books, or a pre-release copy of this September’s “Free the Beagle,” or some other such thing.)

For those of you who are curious about the titles of the 200+ MMMemos I mentioned earlier that are currently in various stages of completion, here’s a partial list:

Little Man with a Badge – (a tongue-in-cheek look at the Barney Fife “authority” syndrome)

Twixt the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – (an exercise in subjective mental images)

The Resurrected Internet – (the Wizard’s bold prediction of what is about to happen on the web)

Bored at a Dinner Party – (how to cause trouble and have fun with people who irritate you)

Sequencing Mental Images – (practical advice for speakers and writers)

I Spoke to God – (recalling a lifetime of answered prayer)

Learning to Trust the Beagle – (how to tell the difference between a distraction and an inspiration)

Obviously, the beagle in my brain often brings me MMMemo ideas after having wandered rather far afield. That’s why the memos tend to be more interesting than practical. So today, for the first time in the history of the Monday Morning Memos, I’m asking for suggestions.

What would you like to read about?

Roy H. Williams

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – A. Einstein

PS – When you contact Corrine, be sure to ask about upcoming Wizard Academy functions. Corrine loves to talk about that stuff. If you want to reach her by phone, just dial (800) 425-4769

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