Mental Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted by on February 11, 2002

We live in a society that is over-busy. (I’ll bet you’re feeling a bit “behind” even as you read this, aren’t you?) I’m currently working on a MMMemo entitled “How to Steal Your Life Back,” and plan to send it to you soon. But this week I’m sharing a few disjointed, rambling thoughts in the hope that you will find some value in them.

Thoughts about Motivation – “A person who is doing well is one who’s making lots of money. But a person who is doing good is making the world a better place. If you were forced to choose between the two, would you choose to do well, or to do good?”

Thoughts about Thoughts – In summarizing his theories concerning the mental makeup of Man, a famous neurologist recently said, “We are feeling beings that think, rather than thinking beings that feel.” I wholeheartedly agree. (Remember the opening flyleaf of my 1998 book, the Wizard of Ads? “Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The intellect finds logic to justify what the emotions have decided. Win the hearts of the people, their minds will follow.”)

Thoughts triggered by a Bumper Sticker – “Depression is Anger without Enthusiasm.” If you find yourself stuck in the smelly swamp of depression and want to do something about it, why not call upon your will to help you climb out of it? First, determine exactly what you’re angry about. Then, by an unemotional act of your will, take steps to change it. Even if you fail to change the thing that’s making you so quietly and helplessly angry (depressed,) your actions will likely help you escape your depression and let you rise to simple frustration. Bottom Line – Feelings follow actions far more often than actions follow feelings. (NOTE – I speak here of mental, not chemical, depression.)

Thoughts about Confidence – “Confidence is a mixture of competence and compassion.” We feel confident when we truly and deeply want to help, and believe that we can.

Thoughts about Arrogance – “Arrogance is a mixture of competence and fear.” This fear may be the fear of spending too much time, (impatience.) Or the fear of being compared, (envy.) Or the fear of not being compensated, (greed.) Or it may be the simple fear of failure. Or any one of a number of other such fears. But arrogance is always a product of fear.

Thoughts about America’s Future – “We stand in dim light at the opening of a long, dark tunnel. But whether we are entering this tunnel or leaving it, I cannot say.”

Roy H. Williams

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