Wizard Academy Library Tower

Posted by on January 8, 2000

I’m Anxious for You to Tour It

The stone road leading to the wine cellar will begin at ground level and continue level into the sloping hillside, perfectly Pole-Star North – 300 feet – until you arrive at the door of the wine cellar, 12 feet underground.

Ceilings on each floor are 12 feet high.

The observatory deck will be fitted with a programmable telescope.

The library catwalk – overlooking the teaching floor – will overflow with books, art, and the Accidental Magic photo collection.

When you come to visit, the Great Room is where you’ll hang out, study, eat and look at the city of Austin from high above it.

The next time you’re on campus, follow the path from the upper parking lot to the site of the future Library Tower. The path is marked with a 7-ft bronze statue of Rodin’s Thinker.

With your help, we can begin construction in January, 2008.

Roy H. Williams

PS – click the image to see the Library Tower North Face

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