Wizard of Ads Academy

Do you remember the Wizard of Ads Academy Video Series? This Video Series was original created in 1999 for the promotion of Roy’s second book Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads. It was sent out to over 1500 radio stations in the US and Canada. Now and again we’ll receive phone calls about replacement tapes.

The VCR ate the tape, someone walked off with it, you name it.

We stopped producing the VHS Series years ago shooting new current videos but people still ask for the old series.

Unless you still have the old VHS series the only way you’ll be able to view these videos is by signing up for Wizard of Ads LIVE. In addition to the live monthly webcasts you’ll gain access to many training videos including… The Wizard of Ads Academy.

I’d sign up now if I was you!

Here’s a list of the videos in the series:

1. Side Door into the Brain 21:55 min
2. What is Branding, Really? 18:38 min
3. 6 Tugs of War 65:38 min
4. Philosophy of Ad Writing 26:57 min
5. Ad Writers 7 Choices 26:33 min
6. Beginnings and Endings/Nitro 9:39 min
7. Sacred Cows/ The APE 20:18 min
8. 3 Worlds of Business 11:51 min
9. 12 Most Common Mistakes 50:44 min
10. Calculating the Ad Budget 11:06 min
11. Advanced Ad Writing 13:00 min