Advertising in 2012

Special Offer: If you sign up to become a member of Wizard of Ads LIVE ($1440) you can come to Advertising in 2012 for free.

The 2012 Business Owners Workshop on Monday, March 5, is limited only to business owners to ensure that we’ll have a much smaller group in attendance.

Brand managers, advertising professionals and marketing students have different needs and ask different questions than business owners. So once in awhile I host a “business owners only” event so that we’ll have a small, intimate crowd of people who can get detailed answers to specific questions.

The price of these answers, however, is that you have to take the “hot-seat” at the front of the room and ask your question in front of everyone. The best questions usually come from people who ask them during the break because they’re certain “no one else would be interested.”

These people are always wrong. The more specific and detailed your question, the more likely its answer will be beneficial to the entire group. So please remember: all questions must be asked in general session. When you see this policy at work, you’ll thank me for it.

Q: What’s the difference between Wizard Academy and Roy H. Williams Marketing?

A: Wizard Academy is a 501c3 educational organization, a tax-exempt, nonprofit school under the authority of a board of directors. Neither Pennie nor I nor any of our relatives or business partners are on the board. The facilities and assets of Wizard Academy – launched by Pennie and me – are strictly off-limits to Williams Marketing, the for-profit company we own. In other words, we have no access to Engelbrecht House, the Tower, the Chapel or the Diamond Pavilion other than to give our personal visitors a tour of these facilities in the hope they will return as academy students.

Consequently, whenever I want to do something outside the charter of the school, I must host the event on my own 10 acres next door to the campus of Wizard Academy. Tuscan Hall, Quixote’s Closet, Sunpop Studios and the House of 10 Doors were built by Pennie and me on land we did not donate to the school.

Events not allowed on the official campus of the academy are those which might result in an outcome that could be construed as religious, political, or for-profit. The law is very clear about this.

There’s a significant chance that one or more of the business owners attending this event will ask my staff and I to negotiate their media or write their ads. Please be assured there will be no sales pitch, but when visiting business owners get valuable answers to specific problems that have been holding their companies back, they often want my staff and I to get involved with them on an ongoing basis.

So when there’s any possibility that an event could result in benefit to my private, for-profit business, that event is hosted and presented by Roy H. Williams privately and promoted through my own Monday Morning Memo. I’m sorry for the long and tedious answer, but this distinction between entities is very important.

There is a $500 tuition cost for this event.

This can be paid online through Paypal or you can call Jackie at 512-295-5700 and register by telephone.

It’s going to be a good day.

Roy H. Williams

Special Offer: If you sign up to become a member of Wizard of Ads LIVE ($1440) you can come to Advertising in 2012 for free.

The Event will be held March 5th 2012
Tuscan Hall
16221 Crystal Hill Dr
Austin, TX 78737