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The Monday Morning Memo is a weekly contemplation prepared by New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling business author, Roy H. Williams.

Whether the memo contains business advice or a philosophical muse, it’s guaranteed to be something you’ve never heard before. The Wizard of Ads has a strict policy: No Rehashed Pablum.

There’s always a prize at the bottom of the box, some little nugget of wisdom that will speak to your innermost thoughts. Try it.

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Wizard of Ads LIVE

Wizard of Ads LIVE

If you like reading Roy’s weekly Monday Morning Memo then you’ll love his monthly LIVE webcast. If you can spare an hour a month, Roy will answer your questions and edit your writing.

The second Monday of each month at 11am Central Time, Roy will be – LIVE – with valuable and interesting answers, fresh tips and training.

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Wizard Academy Press

Founded by New York Times and Wall Street Journal multiple-bestselling author Roy H. Williams, Wizard Academy Press is an independent publishing company available exclusively to the students of Wizard Academy.

Contrary to popular belief, wizards are not born – they are self-created. And the process has nothing to do with higher education or special powers: wizardry is attained only through perseverance. Beginning as average people with oversized curiosities, wizards tend to emerge slowly from a long-simmering soup of passion and commitment. Think of them as children who keep tugging mommy’s dress and asking, “Why?”

Wizard Academy Press publishes the books of these “Wizards”

Wizard AcademyWizard Academy is a nontraditional business school. The faculty of Wizard Academy studies what gifted people do when they’re feeling inspired so we can reverse engineer their unconscious methods. We teach you how to do consciously what a gifted person does unconsciously.

Tell us what you’re trying to make happen and we’ll teach you exactly how to get it done. Our track record, frankly, is impressive.

Chapel DulcineaChapel Dulcineais a romantic, open-air Wedding Chapel located on the Wizard Academy campus. Our hope is that donations will continue to make it possible for us to offer the Chapel at no charge.

Located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Austin, the chapel sits quietly but daringly on the edge of an ancient walking trail overlooking the Texas hill country, barely visible from FM 1826.

Tuscan Hall

Austin’s Tuscan Hall is truly a world class conference center and reception hall.

Your guests will park on a rock shelf big enough to hold 100 cars; the largest that any of them has ever seen.

Pass through the outer archway and descend the stone steps. That roar to your left is a waterfall. Cross the flagstone plaza, enter the double doors and prepare to be amazed.

A solid copper roof rainbows over this Marley Porter-designed meeting space, creating a wonderful venue for wedding receptions, corporate events, glittering parties, intimate concerts, plays and film festivals. Tuscan Hall can dress for any occasion.

Barely 20 minutes from downtown Austin, your guests will feel a thousand miles away from the rush of their everyday world. Come and feel it for yourself.

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