Partner Meeting


This will be a 3 day event March 20 – 22nd (Monday – Wednesday) 2017.


Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.

Note: The Wizard of Ads partners are paying to hold an event at Wizard Academy just like every other big company. This means we’ll have excellent food for everyone and lodging will be offered for the 18 top billing partners.

Day by Day:

Each day has a specific purpose:

  • Monday March 20th, Partners: A condensed partner meeting in just one day. The only people attending on Monday will be partners. This will resemble a traditional partner meeting but we’ll do it efficiently in a single day so we can invite business owners to Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • Tuesday March 21st, Partners and Business Owners: Seminar. We’ll have ~18 different partners speaking to the audience for exactly 15 minutes each.
  • Wednesday March 22nd, Partners and Business Owners: Group Sessions. The partners will break into small teams (likely 3-4) and each team will work independently to provide short evaluations for business owners. Details TBD, but likely a single team will spend a couple of hours focused on a given business owner. Each team could thereby evaluate up to three business owners in one day. Any business owner who isn’t currently receiving their 2 hours of personal attention will be sitting in the main room listening to more fantastic talks given by more partners.

Guest Business Owners:

All 30 tickets have been purchased at a breakneck speed due to the combined efforts of the group. Fantastic work.

We’re going to have 30 business owners join us on Tuesday – Wednesday for a 2 day retreat, and the cost to these will be $1,000 per seat. This will have some resemblance to TED talks, but with the focus on marketing. And on Wednesday business owners will receive personalized attention with a team of experts (YOU) guiding them relative to their businesses and providing feedback, which goes way beyond a TED talk.

The website where business owners purchased their admission is

We are not asking business owners to hire us; this isn’t a bait and switch. But after providing fantastic advice and demonstrating immense knowledge, it’s likely some will take the initiative to ask how they can hire us. If you send a business owner to the event and they hire a partner as a result, you’ll receive the 5% matchmaking split on the relationship. We’re tracking this via the promo codes used during purchase of admission.

We are prohibiting marketing professionals from attending — we will not teach marketers how to compete with us.


As usual, we’ll have 18 rooms available for partners to use and they’ll be offered to the top 18 billing partners. So these 18 will have a free room on campus (at either Engelbrecht House or Spence Manor). If you’re not among the top 18 billing partners then there’s a nice array of nearby hotels you might consider booking at your own expense.

Important Opportunity:

Partners who receive a room at either Spence or Engelbrecht: you might also consider showing up a few days early if you want to attend the spectacle known as SXSW. Daniel Whittington has confirmed that your rooms will be clean and waiting for you by Monday, March 13th. So you could theoretically sleep in your room for 10 days in a row, which matters a lot since hotels charge HUGE-HUGE premiums during SXSW. Obviously we won’t have meals for any early arrivals showing up before the actual meeting.


South by Southwest, the world renowned music / film festival, is taking place March 10th – 19th. So a horde of people will be leaving Austin on the night of Sunday the 19th and the morning of Monday the 20th. This comes just in the nick of time, as prices and availability will be much more favorable starting the night of Monday the 20th. And the business owners who are going don’t need to arrive until Monday, so they’ll be able to find hotels (remember, their attendance is only Tuesday / Wednesday).


Remember, Austin does not have Uber or Lyft. For rides on demand you’ll need to settle for a less speedy Fasten or Fare.


We’re providing lunch and dinner Monday – Wednesday for everybody who attends. So partners, you’ll eat and drink for free all three days. Guest business owners will eat and drink for free on Tuesday / Wednesday.


Send them to Jake Williams at

If Jake receives some frequently asked questions, he’ll post the answers onto this page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!