Partner Meeting


This will be a 2 day event September 18 – 19 (Tuesday – Wednesday) 2018 in Seattle.

Please block your calendars. We really need at least 24 partners to attend since we’re promising that to attendees.

September 19th is talk like a pirate day. Kris Hoots & Steve Thomas have been working overtime and we’re going to celebrate like we just spotted land.


We’re going to be perfectly situated downtown, not far from the ocean and legendary Pike’s Place.

Axis Pioneer Square
308 1st Ave S
Seattle WA 98104

Day by Day:

Each day has a specific purpose:

  • Tuesday September 18, Partners and Business Owners: Business Owner Workshop.
    Each of you will be assigned into a group by the home office. We’re promising a 2 to 1 ratio of partners to business owners so you can collaborate and connect with other partners. You will work together to move through Roy’s curriculum, and your hand will be guiding the attendee to produce better work than what they draft themselves. So Roy will present a section in front of the room then ask the business owner to create a rough draft. They’ll share it with you in your small group, and you’ll work with them to create something much better than what they started with.

    What you need to be good at doing for your group:
    1: Uncovering Origin Stories
    2: Identifying a Character Diamond
    3: Creating We Believe Statements
    4: Creating Brandable Chunks
    5: Writing a short ad (not media specific).

  • Wednesday September 19, Partners: Meeting.
    A condensed partner meeting in just one day. The only people attending on Wednesday will be partners. This will resemble a traditional partner meeting but we’ll do it efficiently in a single day so we can invite business owners to Tuesday.


The home office will be paying for the venue / rental fees / food / drinks. Partners just need to pay their own airfare and hotel. We’re going to eat like (pirate) kings. Kris researched some nearby hotels if you want a head start.

Business Owners:

Similar to before, we’re going to have tickets for a limited number of business owners to attend the event on Monday. They don’t need to be large companies, we just want people who are ready to grow their business with the right attitude. If somebody is a whiner or a nosepicker let’s skip the invite.

You don’t want to send your existing clients to the event. Per Roy, they’ll likely just ask you to add more partners to their account without offering a raise. The ideal match is a business who doesn’t already have a marketing consultant.

We are not asking business owners to hire us; this isn’t a bait and switch. But after providing fantastic advice and demonstrating immense knowledge, it’s likely some will take the initiative to ask how they can hire us. If you send a business owner to the event and they hire a partner as a result, you’ll receive the 5% matchmaking split on the relationship. We’re tracking this via the promo codes used during purchase of admission.

We are prohibiting marketing professionals from attending — we will not teach marketers how to compete with us.


Andrew Harrison
Anthony Oldham
Cedric Yau
Charlie Moger
Chris Jabas
Chuck McKay
Gary Bernier
J.D. Campbell
Jeff Sexton
Johnny Molson
Kevin Skaalure
Kris Hoots
Mick Torbay
Mike Slover
Monica Ballard
Paul Boomer
Peter Nevland
Ryan Chute
Stephen Semple
Steve Rae
Steve Sorenson
Steve Thomas
Tom Wanek


We’re providing lunch and dinner Tuesday – Wednesday for everybody who attends. So partners, you’ll eat and drink for free both days. Guest business owners will eat and drink for free on Tuesday. Wednesday night we’ll be leaving the venue to eat oceanside.


Send them to Jake Williams at

Looking forward to seeing you all there!