Partner Meeting


This will be a 2 day event March 25 – 26 (Monday – Tuesday) 2019 in Austin.
We’ll start at 9am and end after dinner at the tower each day.


We’re going to be feeling right at home in Wizard Academy Tower.

16221 Crystal Hills Drive
Austin, TX 78737


As we mentioned in the partner videos, we’ve decided to keep this meeting partners-only. We aren’t inviting businesses for AdTalks / Magic Dozen in Austin so we have more opportunity to focus on ourselves. One of the main things we’ll be doing is sharing short little presentations, typically 3-15 minutes long.

This is a way of (A) helping each partner leverage & sharpen their focus on a topic they prefer, (B) allow us to learn from each other and broaden our skills/knowledge, (C) recognize your specific expertise so we know when to reach out to you with a particular need, (D) create video assets you can take home and deploy, (E) possibly expand your reach & recognition via the ASBI audience.

You can use powerpoint / keynote, charts / videos, or just speak without any additional assets — whatever works best for you.

Each partner will give their presentation twice.

  • Once you’ll share it with the partners so we can learn more from you and about you.
  • The second time you’ll record with Chad in the studio next door (provided Daniel Whittington and Wizard Academy approve for ASBI, which they generally do).
    • Most of the ASBI viewers are business owners, so ideally you want something that would appeal to them. You and the partners will also receive a copy of the video branded for WOA so you can leverage it down the road as you wish.
    • If you haven’t seen ASBI videos yet you’ll see some copies of example vids (after logging in) at


Per Wizard Academy practices, major donors to the Academy get first shot at a room in Engelbrecht house. After the donors, we’re rolling out invites based on 2018 billing so there’s a structure and fairness to the invites. Jake will be handling the initial invitations and then Daniel Whittington will follow up with your room details (if we spoke with you and promised you a room). Once all of them have been claimed Jake will tell everybody via the email list so you’ll know it’s time to grab a hotel or AirBNB.

If staying on campus:

  • Earliest Check In: March 24th after 3PM
  • Latest Check Out: March 27th by 10AM


Jake is gathering the attendance list and will update this periodically as partners confirm that they’re coming.

Confirmed so far:
Andrew Harrison
Anthony Oldham
Charlie Moger
Chris Jabas
Chris Maddock
Dave Young
Devin Wright
Gary Bernier
J.D. Campbell
Jacob Harrison
Jeff Sexton
Joe Hamilton
Johnny Molson
Kevin Skaalure
Kris Hoots
Michael Torbay
Mike Slover
Monica Ballard
Peter Nevland
Rick Nicholson
Robert Brace
Ryan Chute
Stephen Semple
Steve Thomas
Tim Miles
Tom Wanek


As always, we’re providing food and drink for everybody in attendance on Monday / Tuesday. Please show up hungry and thirsty.


Send them to Jake Williams at

Looking forward to seeing you all there!