Partner Meeting March 2016


Tuesday, March 22nd and Wednesday, March 23rd.


Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.

Note: This is not a free facility. Roy and Pennie have paid out of their own pocket (not the partner fund) in order to rent the facilities for a Private Academy Retreat just like any other customers. As such, that means we’ll have access to the accommodations and food included in any Academy event.


All of the free rooms at Wizard Academy have already been assigned by either Jake Williams or Daniel Whittington. Per usual, priority was given to the partners with the largest billings in 2015, as well as individuals who have made major donations to Wizard Academy.

Those with free rooms will have access from the evening of Monday, March 21st through the morning of Thursday, March 24th. And Daniel Whittington will be emailing people with instructions regarding their room.

If you are not receiving a room on campus, we have a list of nearby hotels you can book at your own expense.


Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you feel like sampling some Texas BBQ while you’re in the area, we’re just down the street from the famous Salt Lick. It’s cash only, so bring money or use their ATM.


Everybody who attends the partner meeting will receive a free head shot portrait while you’re there. Chad, the full time video guy, will be taking them. We’ll send you a copy for your own use, and we may use these to develop a partner directory down the road.

Wardrobe: Make sure to pack some clothes you’d like to be seen in. Chad will most likely (not certain yet) be shooting on a white background, so don’t wear a white (or near-white) shirt. It won’t photograph very well.

Useful links:


Monday Evening:
No meals provided.
Those partners who have been assigned rooms will gain access to their respective room, and are free to spend the evening as they wish. There’s no agenda, no meal planned. So you have free rein to mingle, go out for dinner, etc.

Lunch and Dinner are provided.
Meet in the tower at 9AM. In the morning Jake will share his early plans for the Partner Directory. He’s seeking feedback to ensure that we’re building something you truly want, and it’s designed from the ground up to provide the maximum benefit for partners.

After that Roy wants to open with the Family Meeting. This gives time to the partners to share what’s happening in their life that they think we should know about. In many ways, a partner meeting is a family reunion. Is there anything you need to share with the family?

Then Roy has some material prepared on branding in an age of social media. He’ll delve into an application of bonding, and then open things up for conversation so you all are contributing to the pool of knowledge as well.

Lunch and Dinner are provided.
Meet in the tower at 9AM. Roy is going to be present for most of the day, but the topics of the day will be driven by you partners. This is the time where we share success stories, opportunities, and engage in problem solving.

This is another of those cases where the jukebox plays according to whoever puts in the quarters. So come with your pockets jingling.

No meals provided.
The meeting has concluded, and partners who have rooms on campus have access until about lunchtime today.

Photos / Videos:
Throughout the two day meeting Daniel and Chad will be pulling partners out one at a time in order to photograph a headshot. Those of you who volunteered to record videos for ASBI will be brought over to the recording studio one by one as well.

Confirmed Attendees:

If you are coming and you are not listed here, or you’re bringing your spouse/life partner and it’s not listed, please let Jake know at

  • Ballard, Monica
  • Boomer, Paul — Guest Room
  • Deatherage, Adam
  • Donmoyer, Adam — Guest Room
  • Eisenberg, Jeffrey — Bringing Plus One
  • Fraser, Jane — Guest Room
  • Fraser, Scott — Guest Room
  • Fryar, Daniel
  • Gregg, Asia — Guest Room
  • Harrison, Andrew
  • Harrison, Jacob
  • Keesee, Michael — Bringing Plus One
  • Klenke, Sarah
  • Maddock, Chris
  • McKay, Chuck — Guest Room
  • Miles, Tim — Guest Room — Bringing Plus One
  • Moger, Charlie — Guest Room
  • Molson, Johnny
  • Nevland, Peter — Guest Room — Bringing Plus One
  • Nicholson, Rick — Guest Room
  • Oldham, Anthony
  • Seggern, Ray — Guest Room
  • Semple, Stephen
  • Sexton, Jeff — Guest Room
  • Silber, Morty — Guest Room*
  • Skaalure, Kevin
  • Slover, Mike — Guest Room — Bringing Plus One
  • Sotropa, Jeff — Guest Room*
  • Thomas, Steve — Guest Room — Bringing Plus One
  • Torbay, Mick — Guest Room
  • Walters, Tom
  • Wanek, Tom — Guest Room
  • Williams, Rex
  • Young, Dave — Guest Room — Bringing Plus One


Send them to Jake Williams at

If Jake receives some frequently asked questions, he’ll post the answers onto this page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!