Interactive Ad Writing

by Roy H. Williams

20 Hours of retail interviews, writing and editing with Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads. This series contains ten (10) DVDs, approximately 2 hours each, recorded in 2007 over a period of 10 consecutive weeks.

AD WRITING – taught in detail by the Wizard of Ads, himself, to three very talented apprentices.

Watch in wonder as Charlie, Brian and Rick see their best efforts transformed by the Wizard into something they didn’t see coming. You’re going to learn a lot about ad writing.

During these sessions you’ll hear the wizard interview
a lawyer,
a life coach,
an online conference service,
an internet software company,
a bed-and-breakfast,
a furniture store,
a jewelry store and
a credit union.

Then, in the session following each interview, the wizard will review, discuss and edit the ads submitted by each of his talented apprentices for the businesses interviewed the previous week.

You’ll hear all the conversations and see on your screen exactly what the wizard does with each ad.

You’ll see what he’s seeing on his computer monitor as he cuts, pastes, shortens, deletes and modifies what his 3 apprentices have sent him.

And you’ll hear their reactions as they see their ads transformed.

You’ll definitely learn a lot about ad writing.

The time has come:
Hang on, friend, things are about to get nuts.

Week 1 – 104:44 min
Week 2 – 85:46 min
Week 3 – 94:30 min
Week 4 – 116:11 min
Week 5 – 143:23 min
Week 6 – 137:25 min
Week 7 – 104:56 min
Week 8 – 87:25 min
Week 9 – 96:56 min
Week 10 – 88:09 min