Who are the Wizard of Ads Partners?

Wizard of Ads Partner Meeting – February 2014

Wizard of Ads Partner Meeting – February 2014

Craig Arthur became The Wizard’s first business partner in 2000. The first few partners were called Polaris Partners. The name was morphed into Wizard of Ads®, Inc. partners after a few years.

Roy has spent countless hours training & molding the skills of his partners.

If you can’t afford to have Roy speak or consult, you should get one of the partners to present.

You won’t be disappointed.

The Wizard of Ads® Partners serve the advertising and marketing needs of small business owners around the globe. The fees you pay will be strictly tied to your business growth. The only way for us to make more money is to grow your business by that same percentage.

Hire a Wizard of Ads® partner by contacting Corrine Taylor at the Wizard of Ads® Home Office.

Wizard of Ads® Home Office: 512-295-5700

Official Wizard of Ads® Partners:
Craig Arthur – www.WizardofAds.com.au
Steve Rae – wizardofadscanada.typepad.com
Michele Miller – www.WonderBranding.com
Dave Young – www.brandingblog.com
Walter Koschnitzke – www.wizardwalt.com
Clay Campbell – www.aboveaverageadvertising.com
Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg – www.bryaneisenberg.com
Scott Fraser – Wizard of Ads Atlantic
Jane Fraser – Wizard of Ads Atlantic
Michael Keesee – The Strategy Daddy
Chris Maddock – Who is Chris?
Adam Deatherage
Mike Dandridge – www.highvoltageperformance.com
Jeff Sexton – www.jeffsextonwrites.com
Tim Miles – www.thedailyblur.com
Ray Seggern – www.seggern.com
Tom Wanek – www.marketingbeyondadvertising.com
Wicho Lopez – www.elmagodelapublicidad.com
Tom Walters
Steve Sorenson
Paul Boomer – www.webinterways.com
Charlie Moger – www.wizardofadsgulfcoast.com
Chuck McKay – www.fishingforcustomers.com
Joshua Stevens – www.thewoodlandswizardofads.com
John Cassidy-Rice – www.wizardofads.co.uk
Rex Williams – www.SunPop.com
Ryan Patrick – www.ryan-patrick.com
Manley Miller – www.manleymiller.com
Peter Nevland – www.howtowriteworkshops.com
Adam Donmoyer
Joe Hamilton
Monica Ballard – www.performancemuse.com
Sonya Winterbothem – www.WizardofAds.com.au
Sarah Ripley – www.WizardofAds.com.au
Mike Slover – www.strategywizards.com
Anthony Oldham
Sarah Klenke – www.sarahklenke.com
Andrew Harrison
Morty Silber – www.madstrategies.ca
Mick Torbay – www.torbaypartners.com
Jacob Harrison
Michael Mendelssohn – www.gravitywellmarketing.com
Austin Leonard – @WizardOfAdsAL
Micke DuBil
Stephen Worden
Kevin Skaalure
Daniel Fryer
Stephen Semple
Johnny Molson – www.disruptingads.com